About Me

kdfjkdMy name is Harmony Katz, I’m a Global traveler and Treker, and a radio geek who can’t wait to turn on the radio at the hotel or in the car to see what other countries listen to.

In college I was a night DJ pumping out classic funk on Sunday nights, and a few jazz and blues shows, but even before college I remember my first clock radio my parents gave me as a kid.  It was supposed to help get me out of bed in the morning, but I secretly spent my evenings turning the dial to hear all the amazing sounds coming out of that tiny radio.  I fell in love with music, all music, and love to learn about new styles around the globe.  I haven’t met many people like me, so this site is a way to record the cool sounds and document my adventures.

On the road you’ll often find me camping, or staying in hostels on other countries, not only is it much more econimical, but I love being one with nature.  I think that’s why my parents named me Harmony, yes, it’s a very hippie name, they were in fact hippies living in a commune in California, but since I was a kid I’ve felt much closer to the world when sleeping outdoors.  As an avid camper I have a few go to items I’ll likely talk about, and maybe link them to Amazon to earn a few dollars. 🙂